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    December 18, 2012
    5:00 - 6:00pm EST  

inside the church. three other shooting victims also have services today. the body of 6-year-old emilie returned with her family to their home state of utah. >> i know a lot of people are nervous to be back at school. a lot of people don't want to be here. >> definitely at the very least we want to give the children the opportunity to be as comparable at the possibly can in the new area. >> sandy hook elementary students will begin classes at a middle school next month. officials say it is still undecided if there official school every open. we have are more information about the gunman. he had not seen his father or his brother in about two years.
federal agents are now saying that no evidence that the practiced shooting in preparation for the shooting last friday. >> after a period of silence, the national rifle association has issued its first eight months since the sandy hook shooting. >>lanza's mother illegally bought the assault style rock and he used in the shooting.
today on capitol hill -- the assault style rifle he used in the shooting. >> certainly an impressive if not unprecedented gathering of mass shootings all across the country. the stress they are not anti- nra, but they do want congress and the white house to take action to prevent the next tragedy. >> my son was killed in the massacre in, and high school. >> the story is the same. >> she was my girlfriend. >> standing together, 23 families forever changed by mass shooting. >> you never want somebody to know what it is like. >> the shooting in connecticut opening new wound for many. her son was killed in the or aurora colorado, movie theater.
>> unfortunately you and i both know it probably will happen again. >> some of these family members are members of the nra. some own guns. each putting a face to a tragedy, along with a plea for help. >> parents brothers, sisters families, need to step out of their living room and make a difference. >> for the parent whose son barely escaped friday connecticut shooting. >> she pulled him into her own classroom and barricaded the door. >> a victim turned activist, shot four times in a classroom where 11 of his classmates died. >> it is absolute hell. is the craziest thing you could ever imagine. >> with the timing of the
holidays, we are learning it will likely be after the first of the year before any action is taken. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell talked with art news partners and said he is open to discussing whether to allow people outside of law enforcement to carry guns at schools. >> i think there should least be a discussion of that. if people are armed, not just a police officer but school officials that were changed -- were trained and had a weapon there may be an opportunity to stop aggressors coming into the schools. >> he says that no option should be immediately taken off the table. a large sporting goods chain says it will no longer sell
automatic weapons. while some restrict sales other gone shops say that business for them is booming. -- other gun shops say that business for them is booming. >> the exporting goods they is removing some types of weapons. for stores that sell the bonds business could hardly be better -- for stores that sell the guns. assault rifles have plenty of appeal for gun enthusiasts. that is one reason mark warner in chantilly is not surprised sales are up 10 times in just the past few days. since newtown, sales of assault weapons and clips have
skyrocketed across america, with many gun owners fearing congress will reenact the assault weapons bans. >> we cannot tolerate this any more. >> change is coming. >> warner argues loss only impact those who actually follow them. >> it will not deter those who want to cause>> dix sporting goods has suspended sales of some weapons and stopped all gone sales near newtown. walmart is making no changes. >> i cannot imagine anybody needing an assault rifle for any reason. >> she thinks after what happened in connecticut, the government has to take action. >> it is tragedy, and a lot of our broken families right now. we need to try to fix this. >> virginia, like many other states, is dealing with the flood of requests from people who want to buy guns.
on saturday, the day after newtown, the virginia state police received nearly 42 and request for background checks. it was a high as one day total since the program in 1989 -- highest one-day total since the program began in 1989. >> the maryland governor has some ideas of his own about gun- control. coming up 6:00, hear from governor martin o'malley. >> lawmakers now have just two weeks to strike a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. it seems that the two sides are moving little bit closer. president obama has said he will raise income tax on people making more than four hundred thousand dollars a year. that is up from his previous number of $250,000. he has also supported reducing cost-of-living increases for social security recipients, but will not budge on republican plans to raise the eligibility age for medicare. more on the efforts to hammer out a deal coming up tonight on abc news at 6:00.
>> the justice department has announced that paul broadwell will not face charges of misconduct. there was an fbi investigation that exposed the general petraeus of bear. general allan remains under investigation. -- the general petraeus affair. >> it has been a mild december day all around the metroplex but colder temperatures are head. nice and sunny today. >> it turned out very nicely today in the. -- very nicely today in deed. -- indeed. the sunshine came out and turned out to be a very nice december day.
47 and ashburn arlington, and silver spring. the skies cleared and the wind dropped. areas outside of washington will draw closer to 30 degrees. 30 miles per hour gusts reported at the top of the hour at washington dulles. 52-45, we will drop to the mid- 40's overnight. we will look ahead to the weekend for you, coming up in a couple of minutes. >> a teenager is recovering from a terrifying ordeal while attacked are in her home. the composite sketch of a man who posed as a cable repair man, forced his way into the house and sexually assaulted a 15- year-old girl inside. >> this is the neighborhood where prince louis county police said a suspect found his victim
when a 15-year-old girl answered the door. -- prince william county police said the suspect down his victim. this is the detailed schedule a man who approached a home and knock on the door, and when a 15-year-old girl injured identified himself as an employee of the cable company. he then forced his way into the house. once inside, it produced what appeared to be a knife. at this point, he stopped speaking, perhaps because he feared someone else might be in the home and here. >> he showed her text message that said it is green, i will kill you. -- that said if you'd scream, i will kill you. he forced her onto a bed and began the sexual assault. fearing for her life, the girl suddenly began to fight. >> toward the end, she did start
screaming. >> it apparently drove the man from the house. tonight, neighbors are warning their own children. >> be careful when they open the door, ask first before they open the door. >> the victim's family and friends are hobbled with her tonight. >> we just pray that god will heal her emotionally. >> within moments of her call for help, police arrived on the scene, but the suspect had vanished. that shawmut composite sketch to residents of this community. so far, no one has recognized him. >> coming up two stolen alexandria police cruiser clark found. -- police cruisers are found. >> it would be outrageous and i
think it would be -- a legal battle would ensue. >> a church in southwest d.c. wonders why anyone would want to steal the christmas tree
>> take a look at this fire after an apparent explosion at virginia shopping center. witnesses described to explosions with flames shooting up in the sky. there is no word yet as to what caused the explosion. >> tonight a local church is out more than $1,500, after someone stole christmas trees the charge was selling. >> it is not just the church that is a victim here. >> it was a week and a half ago they noticed that christmas trees they sell were gone. >> we didn't think we even had to worry about that.
>> their old charge was torn down but will be rebuilt. >> they have great taste. those were our best trees. >> a thing between nine and 15 trees were taken. they are thinking they need underneath the fence and then tossed the trees over. >> perhaps they had some shopping carts and hauled them away. a quick operation. >> their goal was to sell the trees to those who could not afford more expensive ones. >> when she came out, the car and the money were gone. we are there when she first saw the damage on the car. >> it is really too bad that they want to do things like that and take things that do not belong to them. >> things like that happen but
it does not stop us. >> who would steal christmas trees? come on, guys. >> let's talk about the weather a little more pleasant subject. nice and mild and sunny. >> tomorrow will still be nice, and then a lot changes as we head for the weekend. get ready for december-like weather. it is coming, finally. we use the phrase changeable sky. if you want to know what that means, take a look at the time lapse photography. this is just after sunrise. check this out. watch the clouds, and poof, they disappear. just a beautiful day. the next change is for them to
clear out totally tonight. the gusty winds diminish, and with clear skies, it will get cold by morning. 50 degrees and gwen has been kind of dusty at 23 miles per hour. -- the wind has been kind of gusty. all across the area, temperatures are starting to drop. the cold air was lagging behind the cold front that went through this morning. these temperatures will continue to drop as the winds diminish. 43 in hagerstown, 53 and annapolis and 52 in the nation's capital. about 37 for wake up temperatures, closer to 40 in downtown washington under clear skies. tomorrow we will look for the cool, dry air to be in place. i think would -- the think we
will be close to 50 degrees for one more day, tomorrow. high pressure over head and there is a lot of cold air in the west. a major storm system is in the process of unloading across the central plains up into the mississippi river valley. storm warnings have been posted in advance of that next storm across western kansas and northeastern colorado. a major winter storm. this is the leading edge of a cold front that will come to our area on friday. we will not get bitter cold air but we will get seasonably cold air. if you are heading out to the midwest the next few days, a major winter storm is underway. it will be nice and sunny tomorrow, with temperatures above average. thursday it will change and we will start to pick up a little bit of the storm system.
a lot of snow and wind it will make headlines. we will get rain developing quickly through thursday evening and thursday night. it may be heavy at times. friday morning it will clear out and turn when they can be noticeably colder -- turns windy and be noticeably colder. the rain arrive thursday with a cold front and much colder temperatures as we head into the weekend. christmas eve and christmas day look partly cloudy. >> the lesson of the day changeable skies. we saw them today. >> happy endings jane deals with being a christmas day baby, and her friends try to make it special for her. >> had a birthday, jane -- happy birthday jane, and dejesus.
-- and jesus. >> for those looking for a happy ending on christmas day, there is still time for the perfect gift. >> we had such a big response to our give away that we are doing it again. you can sign up at you have until thursday at 5:00 p.m. to enter and then we will announce the winner on friday and good morning washington.
lacks an outrage is brewing tonight as instagram users find out their images can be used without them being in form or
being paid. -- >> our rate is brewing tonight. those pictures on instagram could soon catch you by surprise used in ads by instagram and facebook. even snapshot of your friends and family, without notification or payment by instagram. next i don't think it is there at all. it is my picture. >> new terms of use state that you are another entity let pass to display your user name, likeness photos without any compensation to you. >> you might not necessarily support that product. >> there is no way to opt out. your only option, cancel your account. that is what many users have already started doing. >> i don't think it is fair.
i think at some point, people will be up in arms about it. >> what seems to be causing the most upset, underage users are not exempt. >> i have a 13-year-old grandson and i think it is awful. i think it should be against a lot to do something like that. >> it is being called instagram's suicide note. >> late today, instagram responded to this of set on twitter, saying we have heard you, that the terms of service are raising a lot of questions. we will have more to share very soon. instagram officials say it is not their intention to sell your photos. this is getting a lot of attention on our facebook page as well.
you can go to our website our facebook page and tell us what you think of this new controversial instagram idea. who would have the guts to still more to police have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about
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>> alexandria police have recovered to stolen police cruisers. >> police are now searching for a bond and a computer stolen from one of the cruisers. >> maybe it was a joke, or perhaps it was a personal vendetta against the alexandria police department. authorities are trying to buy the people responsible for stealing those two parked cars. it was incredibly brazen. >> i was shocked.
>> two market alexandria police cruisers stolen on consecutive nights. -- marked police cruisers. >> they were parked outside the homes of two officers, as is routine. police say the thieves used something as simple as a slim trimjim to break into the cars. a shotgun and computer were missing. the second was stolen from old town alexandria saturday night and also recovered within hours. police are looking at surveillance tape from the neighborhood and fingerprints taken from the vehicles to find who was bold enough to steal two
cop cars. as a result, police here in alexandria are doing the unthinkable, they are equipping their cars with anti theft devices. >> a briefcase was detonated today after police found a suspicious device. officers found the device at a construction site and detonated it outside the building. they are trying to determine exactly what the device was. >> police are working to solve a weekend shooting that left one man dead. now the victim's family is speaking out. the shooting happened early sunday morning near wheaton. police say 28-year-old edwin
campos hernandez was killed after a verbal dispute. >> it hurts me very much because he did not have any way to defend himself. now have to be used to living without him. >> delmar says his brother was returning home from work that party and when he got out of a taxi, two men confronted him. next time for a look at today's other top stories. a teenager is recovering after a police say a man forced his way into the home and sexually assaulting her. he said he and for the cable company, then pulled a weapon and forced her into a bedroom. police are still looking for the suspect. >> both parties appear to be closer to striking a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama has agreed to
extend the bush tax cuts for americans earning less than $400,000 a year instead of $250,000. >> it was the first day back to class for students at the town today after last friday's shooting. sandy hook elementary is still a crime scene and will possibly remain that way for several months. five more victims for children and a teacher, were laid to rest today. world news coverage from newtown continues tonight. the financial fallout the gunmaker are now dealing with. we talked with diane sawyer. the story that continues to sadden and enrage the nation is the shooting in newtown. >> in this week after sandy hook, there is a backlash under way against people who profit from the sale of assault guns.
chris comeauxcuomo looks that that tonight. >> i see you taking a look ahead to christmas next week. >> we are, and just a week until christmas and americans are trying to trace where the storm is moving, to plan their travel. we will help you do that tonight. >> you can watch those stories and more tonight on world news right after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> let's get a check on the traffic situation. >> some delays on 395 south on washington heading toward duke street. as you head out of springfield a long line of stop and go traffic. traveling the inner loop of the belt way across the american legion bridge the outer loop is
also a slow go. as you head over toward new hampshire ave. the crash before 95 in the two right lanes. that is the latest. >> still to come, a new fund to help flooding victims, but it will cost all d.c. residents. >> a common kitchen item that some of that are using with dogs.
>> a product found in your kitchen cabinets turns out it could be the key to healing your injured pet. >> some veterinarians are turning to rock, natural honey
as an effective treatment. -- turning to raw natural honey. >> in october, 13-year-old fletcher ran into the road and was hit by a delivery truck. his owner rushed him to the vet. >> the skin had been taken off his paw. after we closed up the wound, i packed honey along all the edges. >> the doctor covered the wound with natural, raw honey, the kind you can buy any grocery store. >> it is great for anything that is infected, lacerations burns. >> honey is naturally antibacterial an anti- inflammatory and produces an enzyme similar to ammonia that by its infection. the doctor says it is effective and inexpensive. she is fit to treat 6-year-old
roxie after she impaled her leg trying to jump out of her kennel. -- she is fit to treat 6-year- old roxie. -- she used it to treat roxy. >> the doctor says the money likely saved rockies life. she has made a complete recovery. >> without it, she might not be with us. >> i think fletcher would have lost that lead if we did not have control of prevention of infection. it all goes to the magic of honey. >> honey has a history of healing humans as well. although money is a wonderful healing agent for humans and animals alike, it should only be used under the supervision of a health-care professional.
>> very interesting. for more help and advice for your pet you can watch and channel 8 this saturday at 11:00 a.m. what's coming up next, information about how much milk your kids should really be drinking. >> cops call them
>> there were dubbed the salt and pepper bandits because they targeted senior citizens. >> tonight, an exclusive look at how the crime spree is being used to teach montgomery county residents how to avoid similar crimes. >> it all happen and 30 seconds. >> you are looking at one of the salt and pepper bandits leaving a target after racking up thousands of dollars of stolen credit card. for 2.5 years day parade on countless singers always over 70 years old, while they shop at grocery stores -- they preyed
on countless seniors. >> i went to reach for my glasses in my purse and she pulled it back and walk away. >> and washington walked away with her wallet. they used the stolen credit card that stores like this target. security cameras caught her in disguise charging thousands of dollars worth of gift cards. this was not just any pickpocket operation. they used a variety of disguises to secure their faces. they even borrowed from james bond with this license plate
cover controlled with a switch inside the getaway van. that filing made a mistake. someone spotted the license plate leaving the scene. washington is behind bars in maryland serving 10 years and his partner claiborne is set to be tried in january. speaking to residents at leisure world in silver spring, the state attorney general warned that crime is up. >> it is a prime time for people who want to pray on vulnerable individuals and take advantage of them. we want to make them aware don't leave your purses unattended. >> good advice after a frustrating lesson learned. >> 7 is on your side tonight
with information for your children. researchers say too much milk can actually hurt. it has essential vitamins like vitamin d, but a new study of more than 1300 children shows that the drinking too much each day can lower a child's level of iron. about two glasses a day or a half leader is the preferred amount. -- and have liter -- a half liter is the paramountpreferred amount. >> we will talk about the fiscal cliff. maryland lawmakers including governor o'malley unveiling a plan to prevent mass shootings like the one in newtown connecticut. three things they say must be changed to make a difference.
why a certain amount of gun control is the answer. we will see you at 6:00 in a few minutes. >> no shortage of changes in the weather department coming our way. >> it will be much colder by the end of the week. will give bill little glimpse at this gorgeous sunset we have this evening. just a beautiful evening. notice the cloud cover getting more sparse by the moment. we are at 52 right now in washington even colder when you get in the high elevations. overnight, it will drop to 30 degrees in the outlying areas and 40 degrees in the city.
a lot of sunshine and a few fair weather clouds tomorrow. it all changes again in a heartbeat as a cold front approaches. we will see rain developing by late afternoon or evening on thursday, continuing thursday night. it could be heavy in a few spots. behind that, a strong cold front will make it windy and noticeably colder. 30-40 degrees tomorrow, a delightful day but rain will develop on thursday, when the encoder on friday. saturday and sunday are seasonably cold. right now, christmas day looks partly cloudy. check out the latest on the harriet -- there is a posting about snowflakes and how they are formed.
>> how great would be tuesday, a lot want for christmas is a playoff spot? the redskins need help from three other teams. the giants would have to lose to the ravens chicago lose to arizona, and minnesota leave -- lose to houston. what a party it would be. postseason greetings from the locker room at fedex field. that is on the wish list this holiday season. even santa knows it has been a while. >> the players are very upbeat and happy. >> thanks to five straight wins , the redskins are leading the nfc east. >> would this have to continue
to take the same approach we have been doing. >> lorenzo alexander and many of his teammates helped kids pick out a guest today. the best gift of all just may have been meeting the players themselves. >> that did not think i would be doing this, and it was fun to be here. >> the real rg3 was not there. >> he will be in the hall of fame, no doubt about it. >> but first things first. there is still meaningful football to be played. a redskins december to remember, for a change. >> possibly a third round of playoffs may be the superbowl, who knows? >> not too fast. the redskins meet with the cowboys on december 30 and that will most likely decide the nfc east championship.
>> i think that and know something we don't know. -- santa knows something we don't know. you were born an original. there's a health company that can help you stay that way. what's healthier than that?
ext. breaking news coming in from montgomery county. a madison hospital in serious condition after police say he was shot in the eye. witnesses say they saw a man in the park or around the time of the shooting, but there is no word on if he is connected with the shooting. >> flooding in the bloomingdale area has prompted the city council add 30 cents to all residents. >> jennifer is live in the bloomingdale neighborhood with the details. >> residents have seen a rate hike on their water bill before. this time around, the city
council is opposing the new charge. they say someone has to do something because they are a long way from getting new piping upgrades here. >> there is a problem in bloomingdale. >> the sooner system backed up into the basement so often, it was like a nightmare that would not end. >> when we walked down the stairs the water came up to my ankles. >> plans are in the works to fix the pipes that overflowed. the city council today decided something has to be done in the meantime to help residents pay for the damage. >> we have to not turn a blind eye to the problem we have all seen that has been reported in the media. >> d.c. residents will see an extra 30 cent charge on their water bill. it will go to really find for
homeowners with the sewer line backups. >> if it will help the city improve. >> it is a stopgap. city leaders say the extra 30 cents will amount to approximately $1 million for a fund that will pay for damages suffered between june 2012 and the end of september 2014. >> we are trying to help people who have been harmed by the antiquated sewers during a minimal period of time. >> if we could help each other that will be great. i think it is great that the city government is helping. >> when will residents see that extra 30 cents disappear on their monthly water bills? we are told it will stop and the fund expires at the end of 2014. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00.
abc 7 news at 6:00 start right now. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> the community shattered by the deadliest grade school shooting in american history. is taking it -- they are taking steps toward normal, but clearly things will never be the same in newtown, connecticut. another school was kept closed as a precaution today. crews are recreating sandy hook elementary and another building, down to the last detail at the new location. the community gathered again this time to bury five of the young victims. >> it is hard to get your mind around it. that someone so young could leave us, and such a peaceful community, over such a horrific event.